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Unofficial - WDW Monorail

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Note - Simulations can only be played on a computer.

Sim Top Tips:

This simulator currently isn't touch screen compatible and needs to be played with a keyboard.

- Add Monorails by click on the monorail button, selecting the colour monorail you want to add and click add / remove button. 

- To change a monorails line click the set line arrow buttons.

- To open the ride station for peeps click the peep icon and open the individual stations with the traffic light buttons.

- More peeps will travel from the TTC and Hotel stations during the early hours. Closing hours more peeps will travel from the parks. During times of rain more peeps will leave the parks and require transport. 

- To open the doors select the correct side for unload or load and press keys 'E' and 'A' at the same time. 

- To close the doors select the correct side for unload or load and press the keys ' E' and 'C' at the same time.

- To dispatch a train press the 'space bar' key. 

- Remember trains must be empty to change a line or be removed.

- Upgrading a monorail will cost points however it will increase its reliability. 

Top 5 Operator Stats:

5Kemah Boardwalk631,620
Unknown Player0
Unknown Player0

Top 5 Throughput Per Hour:


Sim Challenge Awards:

Score 25,000 On WDW Monorail
Score 50,000 On WDW Monorail
Score 100,000 On WDW Monorail
Handle 5000 Peeps On WDW Monorail
Handle 15,000 Peeps on WDW Monorail
Handle 40,000 Peeps on WDW Monorail
Dispatch 50 Monorails
Dispatch 150 Monorails
Dispatch 250 Monorails
10 Mech Call Outs on WDW Monorail
15 Mech Call Outs on WDW Monorail
20 Mech Call Outs on WDW Monorail